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People sometimes ask me "How much does a website cost?"
...and I sometimes reply..."How long is a piece of string?"
The answer to both is...it depends on how much of it that you need.
We will work on reaching a "Meeting of the Minds and Wallets"...
Where we both are clear on what exactly is to be done and we are OK with the price/fees to do so. No Surprises! Better Clarity = Better Quality.
Each project is priced based on the content, details and services involved, often for a flat fee. Below is some basic info and sample price details
...your mileage may vary. ;-)

Basic Rates
Service, Hosting & Domains

per hour*
  • *1 Hour Minimum
  • *1/2 hour Increments after 1st
  • *Lower hourly rate available for Projects
  • **Basic Web Hosting $100/year
  • ***Domain Names ".com = $17/Year 
  • No Surprises!
  • You will get a detailed Price Quote.

A Single Basic Webpage
With a Domain Name

flat fee*
  • **First Year Hosting Included
  • ***1st Year Domain Included
  • 3 Email Aliases
  • Unlimited Website Traffic
  • FTP Access for DIY
  • ^Google Analytics
  • ^Google My Business
  • ^Google Voice
  • ^Facebook Business Page

A Basic 5 Webpage Website
With a Domain Name

flat fee*
  • **First Year Hosting Included
  • ***1st Year Domain Included
  • Up to 6 Email Aliases
  • Unlimited Website Traffic
  • FTP Access for DIY
  • ^Google Analytics
  • ^Google My Business
  • ^Google Voice
  • ^Facebook Business Page

How Much Do You Need?
Here's some of the stuff we do

  • Established 1995
    *Website Design
  • **Website Hosting
  • ***Domain Names
  • ^Social Media Setup/Assist
  • Internet Advertising
  • Digital Photography
  • Email Services
  • **FTP Access for DIY
  • Flexible Project Pricing
  • E-Commerce Services

A Little More Detail...No Surprises.

and those f***ing asterisks! ;-)

First Steps...We Talk.

One of the first things we do is find out what you want to do with your website...Web Presence? Publicity? Sell stuff? We need to determine how to best present you or your business on the web. We ask questions so we can determine the appropriate requirements for your project.

*Hourly Rate
Flat Fee

The current hourly rate is for general web design and internet/online services. Minimum charge 1 hour and 1/2 hr increments after 1st.
We offer some specific "Project Packages" with lower hourly rates or flat fees for projects.

Social Media

We'll help you setup a Facebook Business page.
And with a free Google Gmail (email) account you have access to Google My Business (free local busines info), 
Google Analytics (free website metrics), Google Voice (free VOIP telephone service) as well as some other useful free services.
We can help you setup Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or other social media accounts, if needed. 

**Basic Web Hosting

Annual website hosting starts at $100 per year for basic web hosting. We include the first years' website hosting with our web projects.
Includes email services (email forwarding or email accounts) and FTP access for those Do It Your-selfers!
Custom Web Hosting Packages available.

***Domain Names

We will help you find a suitable (and available) domain name. 
We charge $17 per year for each domain name registered/renewed. There is a one time fee of $25 to setup/configure the new domain name on the server. Includes custom email setup for domain.

How Do We Start?

Fill out the form below with some basic info. We will contact you to find out more specifics about your project.
Please tell us what you want and how best to contact you. Do you need a new website or to fix up a current one? Please include the web sddress.
What do you (or your business) do? What  do you want the website to do for you?
Do you want to DIY?

Let's start talking...

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Let's Start Talking...

Thanks for filling out our online form! We will contact you soon to get more info about your project. UNLESS you're trying to sell us something...then you will ignored.
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BTW: the picture behind here is the shore of Steppingstone Park.

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