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Here are some work samples

Some have recently been updated with "responsive design" styles. IE: Made to adapt/change webpage layout according to the size of the display screen, Computer, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile Phone. online sales of Flowtron bug zappers and other flying insect control devices and accessories since 1998! was launched in 1998 for Paul Lauria Enterprises, Inc.  and has been online ever since.  Sells bug zappers, flying insect control devices and accessories from Flowtron. A 5 page website, updated with responsive design.  Online sales processed by Paypal., Flowtron LeafEater leaf mulcher, shredder. was launched in 2001 for Paul Lauria Enterprises, Inc. and has been online ever since. Sells Flowtron LeafEater leaf mulchers online. A 1 page website, with a slideshow in mid-page & updated with responsive design. Online sales processed by Paypal. was launched in 2009 for Judy Litner of Travel Express International, Ltd. in Great Neck, NY. Judy's travel agency specializes in high-end luxury travel to Italy.
Redesigned 5 page website, with a "Virtual Travel Itinerary" slideshow & updated with responsive design. was launched in 2003 for Francesca's Pizzeria and Restaurant of Great Neck, NY.
A 1 page website, updated with responsive design. Includes restaurant menus in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format and links to 4 different online ordering services.

Website built in 2007 for the historic Wychwood Building in Great Neck, NY. This website has many photos taken by 4D Web Services (inside, outside, in the interior courtyard and even from the roof!), including some 360 panoramas (that require Quicktime) of some of the spaces inside of the Wychwood.

Website link for Pancho's Cantina in Island Park

Started in 2002 with a website for their Tex-Mex restaurant in Great Neck, NY, Pancho's Border Grill. Sadly PBG closed a few years ago, but the original restaurant, Pancho's Cantina is still going strong (since 1978!) in Island Park, NY.
The site features responsive design, full menus (some as .pdf), multiple slideshows (Check out When Pancho Met Sandy) , and social sharing widget.

Website for Newman Project Management

A recent project for Charles "Chuck" Newman a Real Estate/Construction Project Manager in the NYC/Long Island area. Features photos and information about some of the projects he has been part of and his online resume.
Also helped setup social media accounts: FaceBook Business Page, Google My Business and LinkedIN accounts.

website for MusicXS @

An ongoing in-house project is MusicXS @ MusicXS is an online music information resource, a music directory. Designed for musicians and anyone involved in the music business anywhere in the world. MusicXS utilizes an online web directory software system called Brilliant Directories.
Brilliant Directories uses a number of customizable templates and provides the back-end programming to run an online Internet Music Directory. It's a very well designed directory software-as-a-service package. 4D Web is currently customizing the look and feel of the site, updating images and graphics throughout the site.

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