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So...you want to know...
Who is 4D Web?

Who is that little man behind the curtain?

...Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain...!

The little man behind the curtain is...
My name is Ken Kagan and I have been DBA (Doing Business As)  "4D Web Services" (and sometimes ComputerKen) since 1995.  I am basically a self taught Website Designer and Computer Technician. (OK, I'm a bit of a computer geek ;-).  Over the years I have had experience designing everything from  "one page wonder" websites to e-commerce business catalog websites with hundreds of web pages featuring multiple product lines.

I won't post any selfies (I'm kinda shy :-)) but I'll be happy to meet face to face with clients almost anywhere in the Long Island/NYC Metro area (Although I do prefer to meet at my favorite local pizza place!).

Even though we don't have to meet (I've had clients that lived many miles away and I've never met them personally), I feel that it's very important that my clients and I have a "meeting of the minds and wallets"...where we each understand clearly what is to be done and we are both OK with the price to do so.  More clarity, better quality!

Please use the online form below to contact me and let me know how I may be of service to you. Please include your web address, if you have one.  I'll contact you ASAP (unless you're trying to sell me something!).

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4D Web Services, Professional website design, hosting and Internet consulting since 1995

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BTW: the picture behind here is the shore of Steppingstone Park.

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