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FYI: About this Picture...
That's ME on Google Maps Streetview!  ;-)

This picture is a "screengrab" from Google Streetview. I'm the guy in the grey shirt trying to take a picture of the Google Maps car as it passed by me.  Google blurred out my face and a few other seemingly random spots.  I was out by the main Great Neck Post Office (June 2012, I don't remember the exact date) when I saw the Google Maps car (with the  360 Streetview camera sticking out of the top of the car). It went down the street, turned around at the traffic circle and started to come back to where I was. I immediately grabbed my cellphone and managed to snap a couple of pics of the Google car as it drove by.  I realized that I may end up on Streetview for that location, and some months later Google updated the local area streetviews and there I was! :-))  I must say...I was quite pleased to be (at least temporarily) immortalized on the Internet this way! They have since updated it with newer streetview pics. :-( 

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BTW: the picture behind here is the shore of Steppingstone Park.

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